clypd Identity

Clypd is the advertising technology platform built exclusively for the television industry, empowering media owners with programmatic ad solutions. The company’s TV sales platform delivers workflow automation, data-enhanced decisioning and provides media partners with tools to manage sales efforts.

I designed the clypd logo at the time of the company's conception in 2012.



During the research phase of this project I met with the founder of the company and interviewed him. I brainstormed a list of words that came up often or were reminiscent of TV, film, and  film clips. I explored visual representations of television online and in print, looking for iconic symbols I could interpret. I collected my research in a mood board that served as inspiration throughout the project.


I sketched and sketched and sketched some more. A great teacher told me that the first 50 ideas are the ones everyone else will think of, the obvious ones, you have to get through those to really open your mind to the great ones. I avoided color at first, but it became clear that color was going to be one of the key symbols of TV, critical to the success of this logo.


Once I went digital I photographed my sketches, brought them into illustrator and started working from them. Here I experimented with fonts that suited the mood of the company. This final logo is still in use 5 years later.