About me

Iā€™m a UX Leader who has been building a team and driving product design strategy at Placester for the last 3+ years. I lead teams, can draw out the voice of the customer, care a lot about culture, and can roll up my sleeves and design as well.

I believe in fuzzy lines.

While everyone on a multi-disciplinary team has a role with specific responsibility, the best collaborators contribute through these boundaries and understand everyone on the team. By having engineers in brainstorm sessions and product or support in design reviews everyone can actively participate in the design process and we get better end results.

I love helping multi-disciplinary teams work together better.

How we work stretches beyond just the UX team in so many directions and how we function is super important to the success of the products we are building. I have been part of a leadership team that took our product delivery group from waterfall with no process to implementing scrum methodology - loosely following Spotify's framework. Making handoffs more efficient, using the right tools to document design that make life easier for the folks we interact with, involving those that use our artifacts in the decisions we make, and having an upbeat positive attitude are some of the ways I do this. 

Sketch + Invision go together like Peanut Butter + Jelly. 

For a tool to come along and disrupt when the established tool has been a frontrunner since, well... the beginning of digital time, it's pretty significant. The efficiencies created in Sketch cannot be matched at this time.