Responsive Web Experience

PayPal serves a large population of customers who need an alternative way to pay online. The shopping portal is a place where shoppers can explore stores and offers from retailers that accept PayPal online. 


Facilitating Group Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Earliest brainstorm with product team - 3 days of introductory evaluation of current landscape, assumption gathering, personas (based at this point on executive assumptions, not research), CDI facilitation, resulting in a problem statement and shared understanding.


User Flows


User begins on the home page and is looking for an offer for a specific store. Likely return user.


User sees an ad on for a back-to-school campaign and clicks the banner. User sees a campaign landing page for this particular campaign. Likely new user.


Sketches and early mocks

Early stage sketches and mocks to give an overall feel for the idea and get buy in from stakeholders.


User Research

I went through a continual mix of facilitation of stakeholder feedback and consolidation of ideas and Formal user research testing. This resulted in a time of iteration and refinement of concepts.


Design Iteration

The left is one of the first iterations on design which evolved into what you see on the right. Also showing a version of the responsive mobile screens.